Video Touch Points

In this day and age, video has become an increasingly popular and effective medium for communication. When it comes to documentation and promotion, video can be an incredibly valuable tool for designers. Not only can it help to bring ideas to life and demonstrate products in action, but it can also provide a more engaging and memorable experience for viewers. With video, designers can showcase their work in a way that is both informative and visually compelling, helping to capture the attention of potential clients and customers. So, whether you're looking to create instructional videos or promotional content, incorporating video into your design strategy can be a game-changer.


Video Branding and Showcase

The use of video became a key component to telling the story on the ongoing progress and legacy of the ElementOne Anlaytics Platform. Information from a legacy product since 2009 to the all new E1x Platform Launch in 2020.

Branded Intros

Connecting Experiences

In today's highly competitive marketplace, constant branding is crucial for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition. When leveraging UX/UI as the core design approach, it is important to maintain consistent branding across all touchpoints to create a seamless and memorable user experience. A well-executed UX/UI design that reflects the brand's values and messaging can establish trust and credibility with users, leading to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. By incorporating consistent branding into the design process, businesses can create a strong brand identity that resonates with their target audience and reinforces their brand's message at every stage of the user journey. Ultimately, constant branding can help businesses stand out in a crowded market, drive user engagement, and increase revenue.

Great things don't happen alone

Honoring my team who worked tirelessly to collaborate and make this wonderful experience a reality.

Carli Stack

Carli Stack

Video Editor, Script Writer, Expert
Chuck Wagner

Chuck Wagner

Director, Product Management
Megan Hejja

Megan Hejja

Product Owner
Video Editing
Platform Support
Custom Branding
Graphic Design
Graphics, Swag, More
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