An all New Unified Experience

As my team and I strive for excellence, I am proud to introduce an entirely new and improved experience. Our success has driven us to push for even greater heights, and we are excited to deliver a truly exceptional experience to our valued customers.

Furthermore, we are working tirelessly to build a unified experience across our entire ecosystem of enterprise platforms. Our goal is to provide seamless service to our business-to-business customers, and we are committed to delivering the best possible experience at every touchpoint.

Taking experiences to the next level!

Designed that elevates and informs

Designing the next generation of the TransUnion business-to-business platform is no small task. As the head of Design, I engaged and collaborated with a team of Key Stakeholders, Distinguished Engineers, Product Owners, Experts, Users, and Marketing to craft a Unified UX/UI.

Crafting a Solid Foundation

Scaleable, Repeatable, and Maintainable are the bedrock of our Design

The most challenging hurdle was to rethink our entire approach to our platforms. Narrow the platform product offerings, merge products, and elevate technology. Simple, right? No such luck. This challenge would test my ability to see beyond our current platform and focus on creating an experience that would ultimately drive other teams to leverage our design system.

Building support

Getting our teams on the same page was a challenge

When looking at our matrix of product offerings, one thing became clear: in order to create our best experience, I needed to have a seamless experience between our current platforms. As my team educated me on the variety of platform coding methods in use, it was clear that we needed to build a single platform that would support our current and future needs.

Sparking Collaboration

What if we build an Atomic Design System

Our teams have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to build award-winning products. We need a system that would allow for a Unified Design Experience. We must rethink how our products would allow a seamless experience across our diverse platforms. So, the solution was to build a TruUX/UI Atomic Design System. It must be scaleable, repeatable, and maintainable for a unified experience. So that is what we set out to build.


A unifying design language that is delightfully intuitive, scalable, maintainable, and repeatable

The Value of a Unified Experience

TruUX provides components and tools to help product teams and engineers work more efficiently and make TransUnion applications more cohesive.

Streamlined Development

TruUX is a unified Design System that streamlines the development process and ensures an unparalleled, consistent experience for our users across all platforms and touchpoints based on an Atomic Design System.

The Atomic Design System

A Single Source of Truth

We hierarchically organize all UI elements of the design system into various levels depending on their construction and complexity. This approach will aid in solving complex steps into intuitive experiences. Here is the Atomic Design structure for building intuitive experiences.

Sub-atomic Particles

The subatomic particles are the bare minimum core foundational elements our design system builds upon. These consist of color palettes, typography, and iconography.


Atoms are the smallest elements that cannot be broken down further. These include things like buttons, input fields, dropdowns, etc.


These are the highest complexity levels of any given interface component. Groupings can be tricky to identify because they consist of multiple Components.


Our Templates are standardized layouts for organizing Atoms, Components, and Groupings across your product.

Great things don't happen alone

Honoring my team who worked tirelessly to collaborate and make this wonderful experience a reality.

Alexandra Lam

Alexandra Lam

Project Manager
Christina Whalen

Christina Whalen

Project Operations
El Tan

El Tan

UX/UI Designer
Erin Scott

Erin Scott

Senior Product Manager
Frederick Pollnitz

Frederick Pollnitz

UX Design
Julie Kim

James Blacher

UX Product Design
Julie Kim

Julie Kim

Product Lead
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