A Cohesive Experience

Design plays a crucial role in shaping the overall perception of a product and the company behind it. A well-designed product not only looks visually appealing but also offers a cohesive experience that enriches the user's interactions. It is this cohesive experience that makes a lasting impression on the user's mind and helps build a positive brand image. In today's highly competitive market, a company's success relies heavily on its ability to create a design that not only meets the user's needs but also delights them. In this context, the role of design in shaping the user's perception of a product and the company behind it cannot be overstated.


One Neustar Experience

ONX design system is a comprehensive set of guidelines, principles, and assets that work together to create a consistent and unified design language. By using a unified design approach, ONX ensures that every element of the product is designed with a common vision, reinforcing the brand's story and enhancing the user's experience. The result is a holistic design language that seamlessly integrates every aspect of the product and creates a compelling and memorable user experience.


Telling One Story

To ensure that our users have a collective experience, I not only built the Software UX but also designed and built a sophisticated design documentation system. The documentation system enhanced the overall experience by providing a unified visual style based on the Brand Guides and Connected Web UX/UI. Every touch point that our users had was designed to continue the experience; from the User Interface to the Support Documentation, we collectively built one experience.

Knowledge Center

Customer Support & Training

The story continues; as our users progress beyond the basics, we created a Knowledge Center where our users can learn more about their platforms. Taking design inspiration from our UI and Documentation, we created and styled our Success Center to match the overall Design Language that enhanced the total User experience. From simple guides to complex multi-step functions, our users are easily guided to the knowledge they seek.

Video Guides

Watch the story unfold

The next chapter in our One Neustar Experience takes us into the video guides. One of the most valuable tools in today's training steps is that our team takes every new user through on-screen training. To aid in training new and current members on new global functionality in our platforms, we were to write, record, edit, and share video guides that highlight and train our users. Our video guides match our design language by incorporating the same visual guides and techniques used to highlight steps and sections, just like our documentation.

File Exports

Taking insights out for a spin

Enabling users to export insights sounds like a no-brainer, but what is an often missed opportunity is the branding that can be attached to every touchpoint. As we looked across the platform, we found many opportunities to brand our exports. Branded Exports also created enhancements that focused on exporting insights but took a new co-branded approach.


Connecting with a larger audience

Noting brings more value to our clients and users than creating Presentations that extend our platform's overall brand and design language. Telling a consistent and cohesive story by leveraging the platform and data to aid in supporting insights is a critical step that brings both trust and legitimacy to the information being presented.

Marketing Decks

Coming full-circle

When you start with a delightful and intuitive user experience and then extend the experience to support, guides, and exported content, the only thing left is the full-circle approach. Before our customers even saw our platform, we needed to build Marketing materials and Pre-Sale supporting guides that extended our Design Approach. The marketing teams became the first step in building and supporting the One Neustar Experience. This step involved smelling the baked goods before entering the bakery. We were ensuring that our users experienced the platform even before using it.

Great things don't happen alone

Honoring my team who worked tirelessly to collaborate and make this wonderful experience a reality.

Anthony Dullas

Anthony Dullas

CST Manger, Subject Matter Expert
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Carli Stack

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Chuck Wagner

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Megan Hejja

Product Owner
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