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UX / UI Designers use both sides of the brain. As a UX/UI Designer I always consider the balance of efforts that create the best experience with the best visual approach. It's nearly impossible for me to work without using both sides of my brain. What is the difference between UI/UX ?

Why Hire A UX Designer
Why Hire A UI Designer

Brief Work History

APR 2016 - Present
Deep Rock Ventures
Director of User Experience

Deep Rock Ventures

As the director of user experience for an established startup, my role is to unify the software applications, and teams to create an intuitive simplicity to a verity of application features, on patented technology. At Searchable my role has me managing several projects with a verity of teams. As the Director of User Experience I am current rebranding, and enhancing the user experience across iOS and Android Apps. My role has me working on: Product enhancement, product direction, and development for both consumer and business users on iOS, Android, and web. Branding across multiple install apps and web interfaces. Marketing materials and business outreach including PDF downloads, animations, and logos.

Brand management: Deep Rock Ventures and Searchable

Leadership: Providing inspiration for marketing, sales, product, and software development teams.

SEP 2013 - APR 2016
AgTech Enterprises
Senior UX Lead Designer

New Idea Software
Turf Solutions
Pilot Portal
Flight Fox

Roles includes: Product design for hardware and software. Marketing planning and production for magazines, online, adwords, events, trade shows, and presentations. UX, user experience for all customer facing aspects for all brands.

Brand management: AgTech Enterprises, FarmSolutions, Turf Solutions, Pilot Portal, and New Idea Software.

Leadership: Providing inspiration for marketing, sales, product, and software development teams.

APR 2008 - SEP 2013
US Search
Senior Interactive Designer

US Search
People Lookup

Roles includes: UX designer for multiple brand and services. Including A/B testing, planning organization, Requirement documentation, leading white board meetings. New product development and new feature development. Email marketing, promotional co-branding, advertising channels, and 3rd party design integration.

Brand management: USSearch.com, Intelius.com, Unlimited Background Checks, PeopleLookup, inome

AUG 2005 - APR 2008
Creative Director

Adville USA
Dairy Queen
Hamburger Stand
Tastee Freez

Roles includes: Creative Director, Designer - projects include but not limited to: P.O.P., Art Direction, Concept Design, Logo Design, Photo Editing, Web Design, National Print Media Campaign over 85 Markets, Bounce Back Promotions, Kids Premiums, Event Materials, and Client Meetings.

Brand management: Dairy Queen IDQ, Original Tommy's Hamburgers, Tastee Freez LLC., Galardi Group, Wienerschnitzel, First Federal Bank of California

1995 - Present
Freelance Work

My freelance work has spanned multiple disciplines from print media, film, web, mobile apps, and more. Here are a few of my clients.

  • Additive
  • Aquent
  • Arrow Beach
  • Art Deco LA
  • Artisan
  • Artist Movement
  • BeeHappy
  • Betty Can Cook
  • Carol son and Company
  • CushBar
  • Disney
  • Domuso
  • EMC2
  • Flying u rodeo
  • Hand Prop Room
  • HerbaLife
  • Hope With Ts
  • ICare Tees
  • Idlewild
  • Killing the Romantic
  • Marcus Esq.
  • Mixers
  • Moms Club
  • MPAN
  • Nationwide Wholesale Flooring
  • Nave & Cortell
  • New Color Screen Printing
  • Omni Search
  • Peanuts
  • Punkinsider
  • PureBirths
  • RinSoft
  • SalonDiAmore
  • Sanity Apparel
  • SharpeSoft
  • Shield
  • Smooth Magazine
  • Socially.com
  • Surfology
  • Taylor Pacific
  • The Black Dalha
  • The VU
  • Unico Swimwear
  • Vitamin T
  • Warner Brothers
  • Wet
  • Xodus
  • Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

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A Few Creative Adventures

VinceRodDesigns Website Refresh

Branding, Website, Inspiring.

Nothing like working with a motivated trainer who believes in his work.

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VinceRodDesigns Website Refresh

Website Refresh SoCal Rentals

New logo, website, style guides. A modern take on studio rental equipment. Nothing like a clean crisp look.

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VinceRodDesigns Logos

Logos Logos Logos

Creating logos for a variety of clients and industries.

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VinceRodDesigns Crafting A Compelling Story

Creating A Compelling Story

Improving an app with better UX and UI, making an intuitive application.

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VinceRodDesigns Translation Management

Translation Management

Team work is hard, bet it is even harder when the team speaks 150+ languages.

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VinceRodDesigns Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral

When you work hard on a brand you need to make sure the your marketing collateral is as good as the product you are building. When software meets paper marketing. Branding and quality need to be on point.

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VinceRodDesigns FarmSolutions


Precision Agriculture with an intuitive edge.

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VinceRodDesigns Scouting App

Scouting App

Finding the needle in the haystack, while keeping on task.

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VinceRodDesigns Searchable


Humanizing the Mobile Shopping Experience. Connecting Business to Customers in realtime.

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VinceRodDesigns Nave Cortell

Nave & Cortell

A modern law firm, branding and website design.

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VinceRodDesigns Mixers Lounge

Mixers Lounge

A revolutionary gastro pub, with a unique vibe for its customers.

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VinceRodDesigns Flying U Rodeo

Flying U Rodeo

The merging of classic and modern with a style all its own.

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VinceRodDesigns Sales Data Pro

Sales Data Pro

When your in sales noting is more important than getting the right sales lead.

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VinceRodDesigns UNICO Swimwear

UNICO Swimwear

Creativity, beauty, fashion, inspiration, can only describe this adventure.

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VinceRodDesigns Pure Births

Pure Births

Natural, Beautiful, Calm, and Modern best describe this client and project.

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VinceRodDesigns US Search

US Search

Millions of unique visitors each month, thousand of daily users, and balance of UX/UI.

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VinceRodDesigns Domuso


Welcome to your new home.

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VinceRodDesigns Flight Fox Service

Flight Fox Service

Professional UAV / drone flight services for agriculture, turf, survey, and mining.

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VinceRodDesigns farm Solutions


The logo was created to reflect the multiple features and solutions for farmers offered by this dynamic and tech-innovation company. Using the colors that reflect the different software solutions and hardware integrations, into one solution platform.

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VinceRodDesigns Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Cool Treats and Hot Eats are just the start of the work performed for this fabulous company.

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VinceRodDesigns Original Tommy's Hamburgers

Original Tommy's Hamburgers

World Famous Original Tommy's Hamburgers, a Los Angeles historic landmark chili burger

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"Vince is a great designer in many aspects. He is very knowledgeable, not only in design principals, but also at workflow and time management. He is a great mentor with a lot of patience and ability to convey information easily. A pleasure to work with!"

- Laura, Amazon Register