Designs That Inspire

Inspiration comes from everywhere, they can inspire a new idea for creative growth. Here are few examples of designs that I personal have enjoyed viewing and have been effected by.

@VinceRodDesigns on Instagram

FEED BY Vincent Rodriguez
My curated work and inspiration shared on Instagram, don't forget to follow me and my work!

Trunkettes Redesign

PROJECT BY Vincent Rodriguez
Making a splash with a new take on the national swimwear line.

Sherwin Williams - Safari

Explore a world made of color, literally. The Sherwin colors themselves are the cast of their own story of infinite possibility, taking us places that spark our sense of curiosity, exploration, and expression.

One Source

PROJECT BY Bram Vanhaeren
One Source portraits by Bram Vanhaeren, commissioned by The Globalish Institute

Calligraphy Graphic Design Sculpting

PROJECT BY Ilona Belous
Lettering handmade of plasticine. Modeled with kids plasticine to have some fun and relax.

Oswald the almost famous opossum.

PROJECT BY Varya Kolesnikova
Ok I am not a opossum fan in real life but I think I would enjoy this little guy.

If Tim Burton Did Famous Disney Movies

PROJECT BY Andrew Tarusov
Creapy and creative, I think someone should make these into short films.

Lettering and Logos

PROJECT BY Multiple Owners
Letting and scripted logos using vector illurstations to create clean and beatuiful lines.

Celebrities Characters

PROJECT BY José Rodríguez Mota
Illustration and character designs for well known people. These illustrations are simply fun to look at.

Portrait Illustrations

PROJECT BY Julio Cesar
A very cool way to use photography reference in character illustrations.


PROJECT BY Alessandro Pautasso
Low ploy illustrations that have such exuberance and life they are just simply stunning.

Product Shot Master

PROJECT BY Stuart Miller
Product shots can make or brake your brand. This photographer know how to make a product shot look amazing.

Monsters Poster Set for Classic Movies

PROJECT BY Nico Delort
An artist that amazes me. He produces amazing illustration works.

Christmas Special Screening

PROJECT BY Tracie Ching
Print for Hero Complex Gallery's secret screening of the Sherlock Christmas Special The Abominable Bride.

Illustrator with unique style

PROJECT BY Erick Centeno
Italian illustrator artist with great talent but with a technique that can be described as unique.

3D Artist

PROJECT BY Guzz Soares
3D character artist with figures that are both creative and cool.

Spry Fox, children's book

PROJECT BY Ivan Sulima, Illustator
Spry Fox is a children book by Maryana Kniazevych about little curious baby fox who gets into big trouble trying to make a pleasant surprise to his mother


PROJECT BY Aloa, Vincent Rodriguez
Having an environment that lets be creative is vital to making new ideas come to life. Sometimes that area is an office, desk, or chair. Where ever inspiration comes from enjoy it.

Gawatt emotions

PROJECT BY Backbone Branding, Karen Gevorgyan, Narin (Noir) Manvelyan, Stepan Azaryan
Customize the faces by your mood or let them lead your emotions! I my not drink coffee but I just might take it up with cups like this.


Wonderful digital painting, beautiful, clean, and expressive.

Speed Painting

Wonderful digital speed painting artwork.

Speed Painting#22

Speed painting, digital artwork.

Red Riding Hood

PROJECT BY MixxedMonster
"The better to see u with my dear!", think that this classic tale will always bring fear to everyone.

Pulp Fiction

PROJECT BY Flore Maquin
Bringing back some old school classic illustration with a classic movie theme


PROJECT BY Ricardo Martinez, Madrid, Spain
Scratch board artwork, beautiful and inspiring, no digital art here, pure old school talent.

Lily & the Snowman

Every winter, a magical snowman puts on a show for a little girl. But over time, life pulls them apart. Will she remember to take the time for what she loved?

Fingers can Kill 2.0

Renato Lima and the brilliant Diego Maricato worked together in this special project for Havas. It is an advertising campaign showing the concept: Fingers can kill. Don't text and drive. This project was created for Citroen by Havas São Paulo, Brazil. We made the CGI of all characters.

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising: Sharni-Lee, Baz, Slim

Derived from the iconic Australian saying 'Made you look, Dirty Chook', the repositioning campaign saw a trio of ‘dirty’ chickens take over vacant outdoor spaces available for bookings.

Buster Keaton - The Art of the Gag

Before Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson, before Chuck Jones and Jackie Chan, there was Buster Keaton, one of the founding fathers of visual comedy. And nearly 100 years after he first appeared onscreen, we’re still learning from him. Today, i’d like to talk about the artistry (and the thinking) behind his gags. Press the CC button to see the names of the films.

Anuncio Lotería de Navidad 2015 - #Justino [Oficial]

Published on Nov 16, 2015

Justin is security guard in a mannequin factory . When working on the night shift it never matches his colleagues , but ironically spends his nights surrounded by human figures. His loneliness and his desire to share lead him first to interact with mannequins own , and later to communicate through them with his colleagues on the morning shift . In their eagerness to do things for others , Justino will forget self but fate want your teammates do not forget it.

Dan LuVisi — Illustrator

Published on Nov 16, 2015

My name is Dan LuVisi and I’m an illustrator/writer currently residing in Southern California. I’ve worked for studios such as Universal, FOX, Lionsgate, Microsoft, DC Comics, Ignition Interactive, Activision and more. My main focus is on my property LMS, which is currently under development for film and has a book, Killbook of a Bounty Hunter, which is currently published by Dark Horse Comics. Other than that, I love cats and I love to help build and create worlds.

A Few Creative Adventures

VinceRodDesigns Website Refresh

Branding, Website, Inspiring.

Nothing like working with a motivated trainer who believes in his work.

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VinceRodDesigns Website Refresh

Website Refresh SoCal Rentals

New logo, website, style guides. A modern take on studio rental equipment. Nothing like a clean crisp look.

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VinceRodDesigns Logos

Logos Logos Logos

Creating logos for a variety of clients and industries.

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VinceRodDesigns Crafting A Compelling Story

Creating A Compelling Story

Improving an app with better UX and UI, making an intuitive application.

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VinceRodDesigns Translation Management

Translation Management

Team work is hard, bet it is even harder when the team speaks 150+ languages.

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VinceRodDesigns Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral

When you work hard on a brand you need to make sure the your marketing collateral is as good as the product you are building. When software meets paper marketing. Branding and quality need to be on point.

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VinceRodDesigns FarmSolutions


Precision Agriculture with an intuitive edge.

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VinceRodDesigns Scouting App

Scouting App

Finding the needle in the haystack, while keeping on task.

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VinceRodDesigns Searchable


Humanizing the Mobile Shopping Experience. Connecting Business to Customers in realtime.

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VinceRodDesigns Nave Cortell

Nave & Cortell

A modern law firm, branding and website design.

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VinceRodDesigns Mixers Lounge

Mixers Lounge

A revolutionary gastro pub, with a unique vibe for its customers.

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VinceRodDesigns Flying U Rodeo

Flying U Rodeo

The merging of classic and modern with a style all its own.

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VinceRodDesigns Sales Data Pro

Sales Data Pro

When your in sales noting is more important than getting the right sales lead.

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VinceRodDesigns UNICO Swimwear

UNICO Swimwear

Creativity, beauty, fashion, inspiration, can only describe this adventure.

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VinceRodDesigns Pure Births

Pure Births

Natural, Beautiful, Calm, and Modern best describe this client and project.

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VinceRodDesigns US Search

US Search

Millions of unique visitors each month, thousand of daily users, and balance of UX/UI.

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VinceRodDesigns Domuso


Welcome to your new home.

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VinceRodDesigns Flight Fox Service

Flight Fox Service

Professional UAV / drone flight services for agriculture, turf, survey, and mining.

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VinceRodDesigns farm Solutions


The logo was created to reflect the multiple features and solutions for farmers offered by this dynamic and tech-innovation company. Using the colors that reflect the different software solutions and hardware integrations, into one solution platform.

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VinceRodDesigns Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Cool Treats and Hot Eats are just the start of the work performed for this fabulous company.

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VinceRodDesigns Original Tommy's Hamburgers

Original Tommy's Hamburgers

World Famous Original Tommy's Hamburgers, a Los Angeles historic landmark chili burger

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